Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who brought in all these spider webs?

After all this cold, it's been kinda fun to hunker down in the house, catching up on my reading, watching a little tv, spending time on the computer. Now, I'm beginning to notice the same things I did when I was recuperating from knee surgery. I see spiderwebs, not cobwebs, that sounds quaint, and cute, these are not cute! My spiders have built condos, subdivisions, they have governors, a congress, and foreign ambassadors. And then dust! Yikes! I'm not even going there, if I don't wear my glasses, I can't see that. I had a friend over the other day. Her grandson was crawling on my floor and before you could say Martha Stewart, he had a foreign object in his mouth! I forgot that you have to sweep EVERYDAY when babies are involved. (That's a joke, or not) We have our poodle, George. He's our vaccum cleaner. Normally, there's nothing on the floor except a torn up paper towel, what he does if can't find food in it............ Our youngest grandchild is almost 13, so I've forgotten about clean, clean. That and I'm not tidy belle anyway. My mother's house was surgically clean, maybe I rebelled. However, later in life, thanks to dementia, she quit cleaning at ALL! Maybe I'll go the other way, maybe I'll clean like a mad woman when I'm older, or not.......;-o

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  1. Yep, dust does have a way of making itself know when you are just sitting there enjoying yourself...Thank heavens to who ever invented The Rainbow system, it not only gets the spiderweb town and all their government and all the dust, but you can add a little liquid and leave it running and it helps keep the dust away while making the house smell surgically clean.
    I'd rather be painting than cleaning.