Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's see, it's Sunday, then MONDAY, then.......

Whoa, NELLIE! Where did Monday go? So much for blogging every day. In my defense, I did clean a little yesterday and tried to stay off the computer. You can blow hours on this thing and it seems like minutes, then you wonder why your back is killing you, your eyes burn....Tomorrow is already weigh in day at Weight Watchers. I've tracked everyday, haven't gone over my points, done my walking all but one day. If I haven't lost weight, I've developed some good habits and that's what is all about anyway. Dr. Oz says it takes about two weeks to develop a habit. And you do that by just doing it. It seems insignificant at first, you can't imagine on that first day of walking that it's doing ANY good..then that third day, it's easier to lift those big ol legs, day four you have a little more pep in your step, the good food you're putting in your mouth doesn't give you indigestion, you're sleeping better, more energy during the day, you feel the poison going out of your system. Why oh why do we relapse in to OLD, hurtful habits? Your body rewards you when you do well and punishes you when you don't, simple as that. It DOES boil down to habits; Oz and Phil both say to not "white knuckle" it and just try to NOT do something, replace a bad habit with a good one. Keep doing it until it clicks in your head. LORD, PA LEEZE keep me focused on this concept. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS, consistent FOCUS, let me keep my eye on the prize. I don't recognize pictures of me now, that's not who I am inside. I love before and after pictures, there are plenty of those for me, I'm looking forward to an afterward picture. I'm on the road right now, please don't let me take a detour! How many more chances do I have before my health takes a hit? Ok, so you pray for me on this one and I'll pray for you on your 2010 projects! Now go out there and make a difference today!

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