Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walkin and Stuff

A few years ago, (probably 15 by now) the local Junior Miss pageant people invited we "has beens" to get on stage and do dances and such. Luckily, they gave us some time to prepare and I was already on a walking program of three miles a day. I upped that to another 3 miles in the afternoon. I enjoyed it sooo much. Probably one of the fittest times in my life. I did well in the program, we had so much fun. I kept on walking and walking even when the weather got a little cold. But it came the time that it would rain so much or icy or whatever and I couldn 't. I would actually ride over to the park in my car and just look and cry, it meant THAT much to me. Warmer and better weather came, but I never got back in the groove like then.
I've bought, machines and the recumbent bike is one of the best. I look forward to riding it, SOMETIMES.
I've been going back to Weight Watchers. A number of my friends have had the surgery, but that's just not for me. I just believe there's a skinny girl in here trying to get out and we don't want to cut on HER!!
One of the greatest parts of the WW meetings are the tips and ideas from the other ladies.So one girl has almost made her goal and she got serious a few months back. Until you get serious and quit playing with ANY plan, you won't be successful. My friend uses the Leslie Sansone walking DVD. The weight is melting off! Comined with her excellent knowledge of the WW plan, and
FOLLOWING it, and her own special things that she invents using that knowledge, it is soooo working! There is a one mile walk up to a five mile walk dvd. Leslie uses light weights, round balls, but you dont't have to use them. I have some old barbell type weights, so I started the walk....Lost over FIVE lbs this week!!!!! I love it , and quess what? I LOOK FORWARD TO IT! YEAH, I'M BACK! So thanks Diane Stokes of Liberty, MS, you are inspiring us! THere's no excuse not to walk, now. Any time, no special equipment, clothes, nobody's watching ! Wish me luck, I want to inspire others like Diane has inspired me!

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