Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Morning! Ever wonder how those two words got put together? But we've done it for so long, let's just keep it up. What are we gonna change it to--Bad Morning? See, that just doesn't do.

Today's subject is my life with keyboards, Iphones and typos. I really can spell, but you'd never know it by my messages. The Iphone has a mind of it's own and it THINKS it knows what you are about to type. Yes, Iphones, THINK!!!! If you don't proofread your messages, then it goes off into text world and your friends think you "live" them rather than "love" them. Now who has time to proofread when you're texting? Ahhh, I rest my case!!!!!!!
Now enter this laptop. My son-in-law was sweet enough to let me use this wonderful laptop. I love it, it's fast, portable, ABSOLUTELY THE BOMB! But it has tourettes! The cursor just jumps around, willy nilly, wherever it wants to. I've had to retype about a dozen times just to get it to stay on the same line with me. I thought I was touching the touchpad (aren't you supposed to TOUCH a touchpad? I took typing in high school so I wouldn't have to hunt and peck, but that's what I'm reduced to. If I just type, half my words will be on one line and half on another. I Googled to see if anyone else had trouble with this and apparently I'm not the only one. It seems it may have something to do with Vista, one man said that it was Satan's curse to man! OOOUCH! I'm beginning to believe it. Soooo, if on my blog one day, you read something and it TOTALLY doesn't make sense, it may not be the "Old Timers" taking over, it could be the "debil" in my computer! Sayonara till later!

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