Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shiver Me Timbers

Shiver me timbers! I'll let you Google what that means in pirate talk, it just seems to fit right now since the temp is going to be about 12 degrees tonight. All I can say good about that is, bye-bye mosquitoes, ticks, most fleas, and maybe some love bugs! Once again "back in the day" I don't remember mosquitoes being quite as numerous or aggressive.. There are some pretty determined ones, now. This cold and ice will be JUST enough to get down deep and convince these little buggers to either not show their faces or be nice when the visit. My honey bun and I are going to settle in, watch tv, drink hot chocolate and generally veg, until the temps get a little higher. I may get some painting done, too. Gosh I went to my grandson's soccer game last night, yes LAST NIGHT!!In addition to my regular clothes, I had on a hoodie, a wool coat,ear muffs, a throw, an insulated cover, a butane heater, so I made it fine though I felt sooo sorry for the players. They won, so it was all good. I want to give a shout out to Marjorie Smith, Lisa Pounds Breazeale, Jennifer Smith, Kevin Laird, and Amanda Sherman, who all follow this blog! I appreciate you all and spread the word! As Maury Povich says, "until next time" See, ya!

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  1. Aw thanks, I love following my friend's blogs. Love yours. Come by and visit mine sometimes. I've been blogging for a whole year, where does the time go. Keep up the good some of you painting work here and join some of our Memes you will enjoy them...and make lost odf new friends....