Friday, January 8, 2010

Going home and such

I added a playlist to the blog; if you don't want to listen just hit the stop button. But my first selection is Feels Like Home. I just love HOME. To me, that's my safe haven, where I KNOW I'm loved. The world can be so cruel. My mother always made sure that our home was safe and peaceful. I would get homesick just spending one night with my friends. I went to ocamp one year and I think I cried every day. My home is like that now. I am enjoying being at home and working from home. I have to sacrifice a little, but it is so worth it to not be in the middle of the chaos known as work. And not just the job I left, but any job. It's downright depressing, if you think about it. You have to eat when the job says eat, use the bathroom when the job says to, and on and on. And if you feel bad, you have to call and tell someone why you can't work and possibly make it sound worse to justify staying at home. Or if you just want a DAY, to piddle around the house or clean closets or catch up on housework, you feel compelled to SAY that you're sick so you can have a day off. You are sooooo valuable that they can't make it a day without you, but you know the truth, you're just another drop in the bucket. Well, I'm home and I AM the bucket and I can go to the bathroom whenever I want to and stay in there as long as I want to. I am somebody at home and I count. My prayer for today, Please Lord, help me make it in my little home business so I never HAVE to go work for someone else again. AMEN

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