Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art and 'nem

Martin's son, Art, has been here while he's on leave from duty in Afghanistan. He tells us he's never in danger. We ain't buying it, but it makes him feel good to say it, I guess. He's been having "Keenefests" all week. That's where all them Keenes get together and there are just as many opinions as there are people. I was looking at Art, he's so young, handsome, smart, polite, witty, all the things you'd love in a son. Then my mind lets me think of all the young, handsome, smart, polite and witty young men and women who have served our country and gave their lives. They were a valuable asset to society, and somehow, they just didn't get to finish their wonderful journey. It ain't fair, I tell you! Why can some slug have nine lives and our nation's finest are gunned down, step on an IED, give their life??? Then some place called a CHURCH decides that THEY know what God's thinking. I heard the daughter of Westwood Baptist Cult, uh, Church say that the ruling from the Supreme Court that allows them to continue to picket and terrorize soldier's funerals happened because it would not have happened if God had not wanted it to. But when asked about some Supreme court ruling about gays, well, that wasn't what God wanted. HUH????? You gotta love crazy people, they're every where. I see stuff all the time and tell Martin that God's getting ready to take us all home. Luckily, that woman doesn't know what God's thinking. He'll always be in control, that's Jesus' dad, not all Gods are created equal. Jesus' dad has a grip on us and He promised he'll never leave us or forsake us. I believe him. Well, that's about it. I'll make my next post a little lighter, but I had to let ya'll climb up on inside my head for a while. Come back, ya hear?

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  1. I agree Debbie, just makes me sick, how some people go around spouting their hate and then claim it is God's will. No, it is their well. Oh how I wish there could be an end to war and hate, that our finest didn't have to give their lives so scum like them can be free to say and do what they want. Sadly the Bible tells us there will be Wars and Rumors of Wars until the Day he comes back for us. And I also agree with you that I believe the time is near when he will return.
    Give that good looking, sweet young man a hug for me and I will continue to pray for his safe return from that Hell hole.