Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The carport

It's one of the few downsides of being crafty..junk. I gots lots of it. Only it's not junk to me, it's a project that is yet to be finished; well, let me be honest, yet to be started. But if you call me at 2:00AM, and your child needs a science project by 8:00AM, I'm your girl! I even "shop" in my own craft shop. I have ribbon, paint, hardware, patterns, both wood and paper, scrapbook stuff, brushes, blah blah blah. Then there's the carport. That's where all the wood lives that I use for ornaments, frames, etc. I have a shop out back with all my tools. (That's a WHOLE other story) Today was the day to clear out and pare down all the wood. In the mix are paint cans, and all kinds of things that got on the back burner during the winter. Uh and Christmas decorations and tree, Senior Chief Keene was supposed to already have all that outta there, aHEM!!! It's not all cleaned out, but I can at least pull my car in where it belongs! Anyhoo, great weather we've been having. I'm including some before and after pics so you can see that OCCASIONALLY I finish a project or two.

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  1. Girl do I know what you are talking about. I finally got in my paint room after Christmas took 3 days to get it where I could even walk in it...
    I love what you did with the cabinet.